Are You a “Feel-Good Investor”?

That’s not a bad thing. “Feel -Good” investors buy stocks because they feel good about either the stocks or the companies that have issued them. “Feel-Good” investors are motivated by emotion, not by any financial acumen. That’s not a bad way to select stocks. It may not be optimal, and […]

Stock Exchange Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Kimiko G. Judith

Young people are becoming more ambitious nowadays. With the onset of new technology and higher living standards, the younger generation is now also thinking about investing in the stock exchange market. Likewise, older men are venturing into stock exchange as preparation for retirement. What is the stock exchange? The exchange […]

The Challenges Faced by International Business

Kimiko G. Judith

This article examines how the environment affects and creates conditions for either the success or failure of business organizations and how it operates to demand effective strategic thinking on the part of decision-makers if businesses are to survive and thrive. Take the classic example of Mark & Spencer PLC, which […]