Adjustable Height Tables Raise the Bottom Line

Kimiko G. Judith

Concerned with the lack of regular exercise throughout the day that most American workers get, companies are increasingly bringing in adjustable height tables. Focused as always on the bottom line, buyers see them as a way to improve worker productivity and reduce the number of sick days taken. Improving blood flow, throughout the body and to the brain, these workstations get workers on their feet without taking them away from their work.

Better Health Comes With Adjustable Height Tables

Perhaps the most attractive feature of adjustable height tables, they allow workers to both stand and sit during the day without interruption of their work. With most workers trapped at their desks and seated most of the day, their health is at risk in a number of ways. Additionally, their productivity suffers from the loss of focus that invariably attends hours and hours of intense mental activity without any physical movement.

Giving workers the option of standing or sitting while continuing to focus on the task at hand, work stations of variable height are gaining popularity. Increased productivity and better overall health are the most important benefits of their adjustable height, both due to improved blood flow. Lower back pain, adult-onset diabetes, and diseases associated with high blood pressure are all mitigated with workstations that can be raised or lowered.

Shared Work Space Offers Friendly Skies for Higher Spirits

Like travelers with long legs beside shorter people with plenty of leg room, workers of different heights often find themselves sharing work stations. The resulting discomfort of some is solved with adjustable height tables, allowing them to better suit the worker. Providing a more ergonomic environment for all, flexible tables can easily be made higher or lower to present a more welcoming and comfortable work area.

This affects personnel both mentally and physically, with everyone feeling more noticed, appreciated, and less physically challenged. The resulting improvement in productivity in turn lifts the spirits of management, and the workplace atmosphere completely changes. With some workers standing and others sitting comfortably, the workplace takes on a more accommodating ambiance and a better energy.

Different Tasks Taken To New Heights

While a standard table might be fine for some tasks, others ask for a surface that is higher or lower at times. An adjustable height table makes this an option, raised either manually or with an electric switch to accommodate the task. Better body ergonomics result and there is less chance of injury due to repetitive strain, as well as improved general health.

The table itself can also be tasked with doing the heavy lifting that previously fell to workers, lowering for loading and then rising to the right height. Workers no longer need to suffer from back strain resulting from lifting heavy equipment or boxes onto their work stations. This and other benefits of adjustable height tables make it easy to see why companies are increasingly choosing to either retrofit existing tables or buy new ones.

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