Choosing a trusted gold dealer

How To Find The Best Gold Dealer - The Smart Investor

When looking to buy gold, you may do the easiest thing and take the first company that pops up when you do an internet search. However, not all gold dealers are what they claim to be. It is important to find gold dealers that are scrupulous and trustworthy.

Here are a few hints that can help you find the best precious metal dealer for you.

Online or local?

You can find gold dealers in your town or you can find them online. Decide which one you prefer.

There is an increase in the number of people who prefer to do their shopping online. There are some good reasons for buying what you need online. For one, online merchants often offer lower prices than their brick and mortar contemporaries. This is because they do not have the same overhead costs and they also have a vast international market they can tap into.

Local shops might have high costs, they are a good option if you are looking to make some quick cash. Some people might prefer local dealers for the sense of security as well as the privacy that most online gold dealers lack. Another good thing about local dealers is that you can see and touch what you are buying beforehand. There are advantages and disadvantages for using local or online dealers. In the end, choose the one you are comfortable with.

Find customer reviews

The best way to find out what a gold dealer offers and their level of service is to find customer reviews. The internet is full of people who are just willing to share their frustrations or their satisfaction with the service they may have received from a particular dealer. Besides people posting their own reviews, there are a number of consumer sites that post reviews on companies. The frequency and the way dealers change all the time; it helps to keep a watchful eye. A first-hand account from someone who has had actual dealings with a particular dealer can help you make an important decision.

Consider the prices

You should compare dealers by comparing the prices they offer.  Do not be fooled into accepting the first offer you get because someone claims to offer the best prices in town. There might be a limited number of dealers in your area which is why it is important to consider online dealers along with local ones. Some unsavory dealers will offer you incredible deals that might seem too good to be true. Educate yourself about the current prices so you know a good deal when you see it.

Customer service

What is the customer service that your chosen dealer offers? Do they answer questions in a satisfactory way? Do they keep their information updated? Keep these questions in mind when looking for a gold dealer.

The product selection

What is the product range on offer? Does the gold dealer offer a wide variety of products or a limited selection? This is an indication of what you can expect now and in the future.

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