Connecting the dots is part of strategic planning

Kimiko G. Judith
Dennis Zink

“Creativity is just connecting items. When you ask imaginative people today how they did one thing, they truly feel a very little responsible for the reason that they failed to truly do it, they just saw a little something. It appeared evident to them following a though.” – Steve Jobs

I refer to myself as a Enterprise Alchemist and a alter agent.

Alchemy was a pseudoscience in the Middle Ages with the aim of switching standard metals into gold. When I use this term, I am implying that “Zink” (the metal is spelled zinc) can enable flip a business into a more valuable entity. How does a single change some thing typical or regular into something far more useful?

The answer is with a very good strategic approach.

1 approach of strategic organizing is dot-connecting or, as I like to get in touch with it, “plus-ing.” This includes using two individual entities and developing new combinations or permutations to arrive up with a 3rd alternative. (By distinction, Steve Jobs made use of a technique of subtraction when he developed the Apple iphone with only a single most important button.)

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