Maintaining Industrial Products

The main function of maintenance is to note down all the mechanical and electrical problems occurring by the products that are out of order or broken. We can also retain or restore an item on which we can perform required function. To maintain industrial products we have to maintain technical, administrative, supervision and managerial actions.

Maintenance and operation of the processes can be divided in two different ways:

• Product remains the property of the customer: It represents a closed loop supply chain. It involves the scope like maintenance and repairing of the products.
• Product, sold to the reprocessing organization or to any customer who wish to make the purchase: It represents an open loop supply chain. It involves the scope of renovating and re-manufacturing the products.

Meaning of Maintenance in Engineering: The term maintenance is used in this competitive world in different ways having different meanings. Some of the meaning of the term maintenance is as follows:

• The term relates to any activity like test, measurement, replacement, adjustment and repair in order to perform the required functions.
• It relates to inspection, servicing, testing, repairing and reclamation in order to retain the product in a working condition and to restore its service ability.
• It relates to the term Maintenance and Operation processes which means to maintain and operate industrial products. This is to be done in order to maintain and repair the industrial products to keep a manufacturing plant working under all conditions.

The work of maintenance has to be done for the products so the products can be used continuously and maintain the originality and efficiency of the industrial design products. Thus the maintenance of industrial design goods is essential in each and every step to maintain the industrial products.

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