Migration Business Analyst – FTC – Greater London

Kimiko G. Judith

growcap 250£negotiable.

This position is offered initially on a 12-month FTC with the likelihood that it will be extended by up to a further 12-months.

Our client is the asset finance subsidiary of a long-established and well-respected UK bank. As part of a multi-year business transformation programme, they are seeking a Migration Business Analyst who will be assist with the preparation for the migration of Customer, Partner Account, Contract, Asset, and related data to the new platform. Significant data analysis, cleansing, mapping, transformation, and migration planning is required to execute a smooth transfer of the records as part of the migration process.

The Migration Business Analyst will be an essential part of the data migration team, the role will be responsible for full lifecycle activities to include data migration requirements analysis and design, develop analysis and reporting capabilities with vendor, and continuously monitor performance and quality control plans to identify improvements.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the Transformation, Operational and Change teams to understand processes and data requirements to ensure accurate migration/remediation of data. 
  • Work with Lead SMEs and Product owner to identify, define, document, and communicate the data migration requirements. 
  • Assist in designing, planning, and managing the data migration process. 
  • Identify, Review and Remediate Data Quality issues by Data Cleansing using data factory. 
  • Regular engagement with product vendors to resolve queries, build a better understanding of their system. 
  • Work with Testing team to test vendor developed automated data cleansing routines. 
  • Jointly own, plan and manage the data mapping work with vendor and data team. 
  • Maintain the static configuration mapping spreadsheets between source and target system. 
  • Understand and assist in source system data analysis to review source to target data mapping. 
  • Maintain the data mapping spreadsheets between source and target containers 
  • Identify the reconciliation criteria needed to reconcile a portfolio. 
  • Support vendor in designing the data extract and Testing team to validate it. 
  • Articulate and review data transformation logic with Lead SME and Product owners for sign off. 
  • Maintain ‘shifted’ and ‘left’ data decision log. 
  • Ensuring data migration does not impact on business continuity, i.e., ensuring migration is compatible with multiple targeted systems and interdependencies of data from different sources. 
  • Manage traceability of migrated data. 
  • Manage trial migrations by: 

    • Planning and managing trial migrations with vendor for low, medium and high-volume trials.
    • Defining the scope of data to be included in a particular trial migration dataset.
    • Run/Support the steps of the migration process.
    • Analyse reconciliation reports provided by vendor alongside each trial migration and work out issues. 

  • Works with Test team to ensure that the data validation is in line with the business requirements, Migration and Test strategies. 
  • Works with Configuration team in configuration of mapped static parameters and migration specific configurations in line with the business requirements, Configuration and Migration strategies. 
  • Own the defect management process within the migration stream, including the triaging of new issues, as well as supporting in the analysis of issues identified. Help resolving any issues arising either from migration routines developed internally by the Migration team, or externally by the vendor. 
  • Co-ordination with Migration Dev, System config & test team to close any gaps. 
  • Review non-financial reconciliation report with Lead SMEs and facilitate sign-off when criteria met successfully. 
  • Assist in analysing financial reconciliation report with Finance SME and facilitate sign-off when criteria met successfully. 
  • Support the migration acceptance testing, assist in resolving any data specific business queries. 
  • Support the user acceptance testing, assist in resolving any data specific business queries. 
  • Support the dry run activities. 
  • Assist in data migration audit reporting.


  • Deliver high quality data migration documentation.
  • Coordinate/assist in data migration audit reporting and manage audit actions, risk and threat registers and security reviews.
  • Apply analytical and problem-solving skills to the defects.
  • Use data querying techniques for investigative purposes.


  • Ensure team standards and processes are adhered to.
  • Proactively contribute and update system/process documentation.
  • Consistently demonstrate the Bank’s values in day-to-day work – respect and value everyone, great customer outcomes, expertise, teamwork and doing the right thing.

Conduct, Risk and Compliance:

  • Ensure that all Governance and Compliance requirements are adhered to, and all reporting and reviewing activities required by the Regulatory Bodies are carried out to the standards required.

Skills & Experience:

  • Have strong analytical aptitude.
  • Good interpersonal skills with an ability to communicate effectively and confidently with Business as well as Technology stakeholders using suitable modes of communication.
  • Aware of the rationale for modelling and the use of models to analyse, develop and implement effective information systems.
  • Possesses a broad understanding of the business.
  • Understanding of Customer and Contract data.
  • Previous experience in financial services with transformation / platform data migration.
  • Shows a systematic, disciplined, and analytical approach to problem solving.
  • Can create concise, informative technical documentation.
  • Can identify and escalate risks.
  • Have advanced Excel knowledge and can use Macros/Scripts effectively. SQL is essential for investigative purposes and knowledge of additional scripting languages will be useful.
  • Able to demonstrate abilities and experience in duties and responsibilities mentioned above.
  • Ability to work well with various CBAFL line of businesses at all levels.


Competency Definition
Analysing Analyses numerical data, verbal data and all other sources of information; breaks information into component parts, patterns and relationships; probes for further information or greater understanding of a problem; makes rational judgements from the available information and analysis; produces workable solutions to a range of problems; demonstrates an understanding of how one issue may be a part of a much larger system.
Planning & Organising Sets clearly defined objectives; plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances; manages time effectively; identifies and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks; monitors performance against deadlines and milestones.
Achieving Personal Work Goals & Objectives Accepts and tackles demanding goals with enthusiasm; works hard and puts in longer hours when it is necessary; identifies development strategies needed to achieve career goals and makes use of developmental or training opportunities; seeks progression to roles of increased responsibility and influence.
Relating & Networking Establishes good relationships with customers/clients (internal & external) and staff; builds wide and effective networks of contacts inside and outside the organisation; relates well to people at all levels; manages conflict; uses humour appropriately to enhance relationships with others.

Contact: For further details, please email info@growcapresourcing.com or contact us on 07584 566 884.

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