The Pros and Cons of Corner Desks

Kimiko G. Judith

It is certainly not easy to create the perfect layout for your office and furnish it. There are a lot of highly functional furnishing solutions that you can consider. Corner desks are among the most popular. The question is whether such a desk can give you the functionality and comfort that you are looking for. Take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of these units to decide.


As their name suggests, corner desks are designed to fit into corners. The ones designed for professional use are typically L-shaped and have two separate working surfaces. The size and design of these surfaces can vary depending on the needs of the user. Now you know the basics so you can move onto the actual evaluation of these units.


The benefits of corner desks are:

Space saving – With a corner unit, your work area will be up to two times smaller. This is a huge benefit to have especially if you have a small office. This type of desk is a great solution for home business owners and for those who have to set a separate area for meeting with clients within their office.

Fitting perfectly in any room layout – No matter how small or peculiarly shaped the room is, an L-shaped desk will fit perfectly in the corner of your choice. Given the functionality of such a unit, it will be great even for an office which has a large number of filing cabinets, a good number of equipment units and a separate sitting are.

Maximum convenience – You will get separate desk space for computer work and writing. You simply need to turn from one side of the L-shaped unit to the other when you have to perform different tasks. This will certainly improve your comfort and boost your productivity as well.

Additional functionality – It is easy to fit a hutch over such a unit. That way, you will get extra storage space without crowding your office further.


The drawbacks of corner desks are:

Reduced privacy – When you face the corner while working, everyone will walk behind you and see what is on your computer. This is a considerable drawback if you share your office.

You have to face a wall – For some people, this can be quite frustrating and affect their productivity adversely. It can also be inconvenient, if you have to communicate with other people who work in the same office.


Overall, corner desks are highly functional and convenient to use, even though they may not be perfectly comfortable for everyone.

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